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Do more with less.
Add up the benefits of a single,
long-lasting fertilizer application.

Less labor •••

Imagine making just one fertilizer application a season instead of four, five or six—and save money on the labor associated with multiple trips. Even if you don’t eliminate trips, you’ll save the time and labor costs specifically associated with spreading fertilizer.  One AP can also be formulated with Cavalcade pre-emergent herbicide for both annual broadleaf and grassy weeds helping to eliminate yet another application.

Less nitrogen •••

One AP uses up to 50% less total nitrogen per year, because just one application of two to three pounds of N per 1,000 square feet is all you need to keep turf lush, green and healthy for up to eight months and longer.

Less clippings •••

The exclusive controlled release of One AP eliminates growth flushes like you get from ordinary fertilizers that release nitrogen suddenly. Without those “peaks and valleys” of surge growth, you spend less time and fuel on mowing and disposal of clippings.

More satisfied customers •••

Whether you’re dealing with demanding homeowners, valuable commercial clients or the local soccer league, they’ll love the great-looking turf you provide.  Lawns stay greener every day all season long.

More environmentally friendly •••

eN Gevity a key component in One AP is an advanced generation, polymer coating gradually meters nutrients directly to the turf, which minimizes potential losses to the environment, atmosphere or groundwater.  One AP is a certified ECO Choice Plant Nutrient product possessing key environmental qualifications.